Another treasure trove at Satya Sai abode – 906 gms gold in form of managalsutra! (sic)

Another treasure trove at Satya Sai abode Gold, Silver Worth Rs.77 Lakh Seized From Yajur Mandir

TIMES NEWS NETWORK Puttaparthi: (News in Times of India – Ahmedabad 3rd July 2011)

Skeletons continued to tumble out of Prashanti Nilayam with the Anantapur district authorities on Saturday seizing gold, silver, diamond ornaments worth Rs 76.89 lakh from Yajur Mandir, the abode of Satya Sai Baba who passed away on April 24 this year.

Anantapur joint collector Anita Ramachandran told TOI that the precious metals and other items were seized during an inspection carried out by a team of district officials headed by her on Saturday. The inspection began in the morning and continued till the evening. “I inspected four rooms in Yajur Mandir except the Babas room from which the inventory of the items and cash lying there has already been made. In these four rooms, I found large number of silverware, gold ornaments, a diamond ring, costly watches, silk robes of the Baba, silk saris and pens,” Ramachandran said.

In all, the seizure of the precious metals included 116kg of silver in the form of ornaments, utensils, etc, worth Rs 56 lakh, 906 grams of gold, mostly in the form of mangalsutras, (sic) worth Rs 15 lakh, and a diamond ring worth Rs 3 lakh. “We have not valued the other items,” the joint collector said and added that all the items were in the safe custody of the district authorities. The total value of the precious metals was estimated at Rs 76.89 lakh. Saturday’s seizure heightens the controversy already surrounding the working of the Sri Satya Sai Central Trust that has come to the limelight after Sai Baba was taken ill in the last week of March and his demise on April 24 this year.

“If the working of the trust is above board, as its members are repeatedly claiming, why did not the gold and silver items surface in the inventory of Yajur Mandir that the trust members carried out recently,” questioned district officials. Satya Sai Baba


Yet a section of the people from the progressive and enlightened Chitrapur Saraswat community wants to turn a blind eye and defend unaccounted wealth of self-proclaimed Godmen!

Even the educated are not from blind faith – or is it the herd mentality pervades?

They may try to gag an individual, but can gag the truth? Can they gag the press and the BBC? How many mouths can they try to shut?


3 responses to this post.

  1. The educated have (sic) an abundant lack of courage to go against the majority.

    In their greed for security, they find it easier to conform to the majority view.

    Why argue when you have a good job?


  2. Mr. Vivek Hattangady,

    If Sathya Sai is an enemy of the Nation then we as a country can prosper only more such enemies


    Eknaath Nagarkar


  3. @ Shri Eknath Nagarkar:

    The fundamental and the most important impact of unaccounted wealth (i.e. wealth for which income tax is not paid – also termed as black money) in India is the regression in the development of our countries economy.

    The pace at which the country should be developing could have been much higher and better, but for unaccounted wealth stashed in the Swiss Banks, in Mauritius, in the temples and the abodes of ‘Godmen’.

    Thanks to the black money employment opportunities decrease. The unemployed youth, particularly the poor unemployed ones who fail to find a means to make their living, get seduced by the illegal acts like terrorism, smuggling, piracy and other criminal acts. This is the reason for the birth of so many criminals each day and joining the ranks of terrorists, smugglers, the gangsters.

    If you look at this issue dispassionately, you may see logic in my view that “any person harboring unaccounted wealth is the enemy of the nation and also of the future generations’.


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