A mail to Shri Vinodbhai Pandya (Annasaheb Hazare’s representative in Ahmedabad) on 8th April 2011 – No Reply

Please find below a mail to Shri Vinodbhai Pandya, Annasahebs representative in Ahmedabad. The mail was sent on 8th April 2011 and three reminders were sent.

No reply till date!

This is the war against corruption! 😦

“Dear Shri Vinodbhai Pandya,

 The current war against corruption has stirred my soul. I am happy that I have been able to trace an activist like you and would like to join this movement to make India corruption free.

 Apart from the corruption by the public servants, which could be minimized by the Jan Lokpal Act, there is another very severe form of corruption which may be outside the purview of this proposed Act, but this corruption is affecting lakhs of people in India – the patients who visit doctors and hospitals to get cured.

 India today has over 25000 pharmaceutical companies and this kind of intensity of competition is not seen anywhere in the world.

 There is an unholy nexus amongst some medical professionals and some pharmaceutical companies to get their products prescribed by doctors for a price. This price (prize???) may include holiday trips in India and abroad – under the guise of medical conferences, cruises, safaris, capital goods, at times even cash.

 Doctors are under great pressure to prescribe a company’s products, whether a patient requires it or not. The already sick patient is ‘punished’ further because of the physician’s greed.

 Although corruption in any form is evil, this corruption is of the lowest order and probably the worst type of corruption as this nexus is harming the poor, the down-trodden and sick citizens of India.   

 I have been with the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty years right from the lowest position of a medical representative to the highest position, Head of Marketing and sales in two of India’s top companies. I left a cushy job to start my own management consultancy – this is my back ground.

 I am writing this to you so that the shady practices of some doctors and some pharma companies do not get overshadowed by the wickedness of crooked politicians.

 Can we also start a movement against this type of corruption?

In this regard, I shall be thankful if you can grant me an interview anytime after 15th April. You will have my full support on this.

With warm regards,

Vivek Hattangadi



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