Cell-phone conversation between Osama-bin-Laden and Ajmal Kasab which was intercepted on 29th February 2011

It’s now official. The CBI has just released the cell-phone conversation between Osama-bin-Laden and Ajmal Kasab which was intercepted on 29th February 2011.

Ajmal Kasab says to Osama-bin-Laden:

“Salaam-ale-koom Osamamiya – you have made a cardinal mistake in seeking asylum in Pakistan, which is the most unsafe place in the world.

If you come and stay in India you will live for another 70 years – thanks to the great Indian judicial system with multiple options.

On top of it there is the presidential clemency and you could be sure no decision will be taken till the next millennia.

Take my own case! I am cooling my heels in an Indian jail. I abuse the press, police, politicians and the judiciary. nothing has happened.

Even an average Indian is an extremely nice guy.

If you slap him he won’t slap back. he’ll find a pen and paper and file a complaint before the police who will not act on it as they have to determine whether the particular police station has jurisdiction or not.

That is India!

But it is a haven for terrorists, drug peddlers, rapists, black marketers and money launderers.

The Indian bureaucracy, politicians, police, judges, press and good number of citizens are available for sale. only you must know the price tag.

And most importantly, whatever happens, you have two guys who will come to your rescue in case of any crisis, come what may – Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh.

Khuda Hafiz Osamamiya”  


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