A fish starts to rot from the head; as in Glaxo (GSK)

There is one industry that is booming throughout the world – and that industry is called fraud!

The pharma industry too is an integral part of this industry led by the Czar, Glaxo!

Almost exactly one year after being slapped with a $3BN “settlement fee” in the USA for bribing doctors, The British drug giant Glaxo is again facing bribery charges, this time in China. Chinese Police announced on 15th July 2013, after investigations spanning several months, that GSK have been bribing doctors, hospitals, medical associations and even government officials in order to get more GSK drugs approved and prescribed to the Chinese public.

Chinese police have accused British drug maker GlaxoSmithKline of channeling bribes to Chinese officials and doctors through travel agencies to boost sales illegally. What is worse, sexual favors were considered as a norm rather than exception!

More than $450,000,000 is said to have been paid by GSK into this bribery scheme since 2007, according to officials.

The Chinese authorities also accused and detained senior executives of GSK alleging the company funneled 3 billion yuan ($489 million) to 700 travel agencies and consultancies over six years to facilitate bribes and increase sales.

Can so much be spent without the connivance of GSK HQ at London?

All MNCs are bound by their code of conduct and their credo which is applicable to all the countries where they operate. Glaxo has its own own code of conduct too, but remains on paper – (please visit http://www.gsk-india.com/investor-employees.html#top and http://www.gsk.com/content/dam/gsk/globals/documents/pdf/corporateresponsibility/Policy-Code-Conduct.pdf).

“The purpose of this document is to state GSK’s Policy on the fundamental standards to be followed by GSK Staff in their everyday actions on behalf of the Company and to promote honest, legal and ethical conduct. Details relating to specific actions will be provided in the “GSK Standards of Conduct”, STD-GSK-001.”

This goes to prove this code is not taken seriously by its employees, just as doctors who do not remember the Hippocrates Oath they have taken.

A fish starts to rot from the head. As a Citizen of the World I call upon Sir Andrew Witty to submit his resignation or else Her Majesty’s Government should prosecute him.  






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