Dr. Annasaheb Hazare performs a transexual surgery – ManMohan becomes Man

Dr. Annasaheb Hazare performed surgery at 10.20 am on Sunday 28 August 2011.

Dr. Annasahbe was able to convert a transsexual person to man!

Manmohan is now a Man and able to take decisions (and that too favoring the common man!) even in the absence of Sonia!

Congrats Dr. Annasaheb Hazare for the miraculous surgery!


Pfizer Discloses Potentially Improper Payments to doctors outside USA (Is it India???)

Pfizer Discloses Potentially Improper Payments

Aug 18, 2011

By: Amy Ritter ePT–the Electronic Newsletter of Pharmaceutical Technology

In its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the quarter ending July 2011, Pfizer indicated that it has voluntarily provided the SEC and the Department of Justice (DOJ) with information concerning potentially improper payments made by Pfizer and Wyeth to doctors in connection with sales activities that took place outside of the United States. (Is it India too? The blog-owners question???)

Pfizer also says in the filing that it is in discussion with the DOJ and the SEC regarding a resolution of these matters. Pfizer also disclosed that other potentially improper payments are the subject of investigation by government authorities in other countries, including a tax investigation being conducted in Germany related to a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer. If SEC finds that the improper payments constituted bribery, it could be costly for Pfizer.

Earlier this month, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) agreed to pay $70 million to settle bribery charges brought by the SEC. J&J was charged with bribing public doctors in Greece, Poland, and Romania.

If your shoes are dirty, don’t be surprised if you get a prescription of Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish from your IMA doctor !

Dettol Shaving Cream

Indian Medical Association is the only representative, national voluntary organisation of Doctors of Modern Scientific System of Medicine, which looks after the interest of doctors as well as the well being of the community at large. It has over 1,78,000 doctors as its members through over 1700 local branches spread all over the country.Objectives:

  • Promotion and Advancement of Medical and allied sciences in all their different branches.
  • The improvement of public Health and Medical Education in India.
  • The maintenance of honour and dignity of medical profession

Source: http://www.ima-india.org/IMA.html

Clap! Clap! Clap!

IMA maintains the honor and dignity of the medical profession!

What else does IMA do to maintain the honor and dignity of the medical profession?

It sponsors…guess what? Believe it or not – A Shaving Cream! – Dettol Shaving Cream!

Is it for a price  or prize? Your guess is as good as mine!

Well, today Indian Medical Association is promoting Dettol Shaving  Cream from Reckitt Beckinser.


So for the health of your shoes and a good glossy shine on it, you may get a prescription for Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish from a doctor member of the Indian Medical Association:(

Its from the same company – Reckitt Beckinser! 🙂

Dettol Shaving Cream (See image with the recommendation with logo of IMA)

Cell-phone conversation between Osama-bin-Laden and Ajmal Kasab which was intercepted on 29th February 2011

It’s now official. The CBI has just released the cell-phone conversation between Osama-bin-Laden and Ajmal Kasab which was intercepted on 29th February 2011.

Ajmal Kasab says to Osama-bin-Laden:

“Salaam-ale-koom Osamamiya – you have made a cardinal mistake in seeking asylum in Pakistan, which is the most unsafe place in the world.

If you come and stay in India you will live for another 70 years – thanks to the great Indian judicial system with multiple options.

On top of it there is the presidential clemency and you could be sure no decision will be taken till the next millennia.

Take my own case! I am cooling my heels in an Indian jail. I abuse the press, police, politicians and the judiciary. nothing has happened.

Even an average Indian is an extremely nice guy.

If you slap him he won’t slap back. he’ll find a pen and paper and file a complaint before the police who will not act on it as they have to determine whether the particular police station has jurisdiction or not.

That is India!

But it is a haven for terrorists, drug peddlers, rapists, black marketers and money launderers.

The Indian bureaucracy, politicians, police, judges, press and good number of citizens are available for sale. only you must know the price tag.

And most importantly, whatever happens, you have two guys who will come to your rescue in case of any crisis, come what may – Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh.

Khuda Hafiz Osamamiya”  

A mail to Shri Vinodbhai Pandya (Annasaheb Hazare’s representative in Ahmedabad) on 8th April 2011 – No Reply

Please find below a mail to Shri Vinodbhai Pandya, Annasahebs representative in Ahmedabad. The mail was sent on 8th April 2011 and three reminders were sent.

No reply till date!

This is the war against corruption! 😦

“Dear Shri Vinodbhai Pandya,

 The current war against corruption has stirred my soul. I am happy that I have been able to trace an activist like you and would like to join this movement to make India corruption free.

 Apart from the corruption by the public servants, which could be minimized by the Jan Lokpal Act, there is another very severe form of corruption which may be outside the purview of this proposed Act, but this corruption is affecting lakhs of people in India – the patients who visit doctors and hospitals to get cured.

 India today has over 25000 pharmaceutical companies and this kind of intensity of competition is not seen anywhere in the world.

 There is an unholy nexus amongst some medical professionals and some pharmaceutical companies to get their products prescribed by doctors for a price. This price (prize???) may include holiday trips in India and abroad – under the guise of medical conferences, cruises, safaris, capital goods, at times even cash.

 Doctors are under great pressure to prescribe a company’s products, whether a patient requires it or not. The already sick patient is ‘punished’ further because of the physician’s greed.

 Although corruption in any form is evil, this corruption is of the lowest order and probably the worst type of corruption as this nexus is harming the poor, the down-trodden and sick citizens of India.   

 I have been with the pharmaceutical industry for over thirty years right from the lowest position of a medical representative to the highest position, Head of Marketing and sales in two of India’s top companies. I left a cushy job to start my own management consultancy – this is my back ground.

 I am writing this to you so that the shady practices of some doctors and some pharma companies do not get overshadowed by the wickedness of crooked politicians.

 Can we also start a movement against this type of corruption?

In this regard, I shall be thankful if you can grant me an interview anytime after 15th April. You will have my full support on this.

With warm regards,

Vivek Hattangadi


Cash, gold found at Sathya Sai Baba’s Bangalore ashram (IANS News)

Cash, gold found at Sathya Sai Baba’s Bangalore ashram

Bangalore, July 20 (IANS)

Cash, gold and silver were found Wednesday at late Sathya Sai Baba’s ashram near here when an inventory was done, an ashram spokesperson said.

Media coordinator of the Sathya Sai Trust A. Anantharaman told reporters that Rs.80 lakh (Rs. 8 million) in cash, six kg gold and 240 kg silver jewellery were found. The ashram is at Whitefield, about 25 km from the city centre.

The inventory was done in the presence of five trustees and Karnataka government officials, he said, adding the officials’ presence was sought by the trust.

This is the first time that inventory was done at the late Baba’s Bangalore ashram.

Three rounds of inventory at his main ashram in Puttaparthi in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh after his demise on April 24 have given a haul of nearly Rs.75 crore worth gold, silver and cash, say officials.

The Gold Plated Culture of Corruption – II

I read the lovely essay “Gold Plated Culture of Corruption” written by an unknown author and posted in my blog. The author has made some very valid points and the intelligentsia should ponder over them rather than react.

GOD DOES NOT NEED MONEY – He is the Almighty; He is a giver not a taker. All what we have today is because of him.

It is the greedy middlemen – the Brahmins and the ‘Godmen’ – who in the name of God crave wealth – and keep on craving for more.  Ultimately it is the middlemen, the Brahmins and the ‘Godmen’ who are the true beneficiaries of the ‘Gold Plated Culture Of Corruption’.

It is the middlemen – the Brahmins and the ‘Godmen’ – who keep on encouraging this corrupt practise – not God.

We will all recall, a few years back if one accidentally killed a cat it was a practice to offer a ‘golden’ cat to a Brahmin to absolve the person of this sin!  Who encouraged this? God? No – the middlemen – the Brahmins to satisfy their greed in the name of God!

Take the unhealthy practise of performing ‘Shraddh’ (12th / 13th day ceremonies after death) – who are the beneficiaries? The Brahmins!

 The inhuman practise of untouchability – who is responsible – the middlemen –   The Brahmins.

Although I am a Brahmin, a Saraswat Brahmin by birth (and proud to be one) , today, I am more anti-Brahmin than perhaps even E. V. Ramaswamy, but for different reasons. I am against those practises of the Brahmins which have led to the regression of our dear country. It is because of these practises, 600 million Indians do not practise our Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism) but some other religion and our dear Bharatmata is now divided into three countries! I hold the Brahmins responsible for this. And unlike EVR, I believe in God.

However, I do not believe in some of the brahminical practises like ‘Shraddh’ (i.e. 12th day/13th day ceremony where the Brahmins are fed). Why should the Brahmins feast after my death? Why not utilize the same money for the needy like the orphans, or old people homes or the dumb animals (who are also the creatures of God).

Great saints like His Holiness Parijnanashram Swami loved our dumb friends and the down-trodden   

In my Will I have stated that after my death, no Brahmin or a priest should be called for the religious rituals. No ‘Shraddh’, no ‘besna’  – and the best way to respect my memory is to pleadge the amount intended for ‘Shraddh’ / ‘besna’ to an orphanage.

I have pledged my body and organs to B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad – if I die here here in Ahmedabad – or else to an appropriate place. And this is exactly what my late father did!


It is the middlemen – the Brahmins and the Godmen who need it, or rather are greedy for it.

It is this brahminical culture of corruption which is permeating our society. It is we Brahmins who are responsible for most of the ills of our nation including the gold-plated corruption.

The backlash of ‘reservation culture’ we are facing today is because of the inhuman brahminical practices of our forefathers.

The gold found in the vaults of temples and in the abode of Godmen is as ‘valuable’ (read – useless) as the desert sands of Jodhpur, Bikaner or Jaisalmer, if it is not put to proper use!

The recent rumors and stories being circulated that a 70 year old person I Kerala died because of ‘the wrath’ of God – when he tried to open the vaults of Padmanabha Temple (Kerala) is baloney. Whoever thinks that God has an ill will towards His subjects is guilty of blasphemy. This again is a rumor spread by some Brahmins of Kerala. Which God will ever like to see His subjects suffering? Probably God will show His wrath only if people use this gold to fulfill the greed and not the needs of His subjects and if this wealth is put to wrong use!

Let us stop this gold plated culture of corruption. When God graces us, and if we have a desire to thank Him, donate that money to orphanages, old age homes or patients of cancer – To the needy; not to the greedy.